Wednesday, July 15, 2015

FTB Beauty - All the Beauty Brands Canadians Want!

I stumbled upon a gem of a store this weekend while in downtown Toronto. On our way to brunch, my husband and I walked past FTB Beauty. On their windows and sign they have all of the brands they offer listed: Sigma, NYX Cosmetics, ELF, Barry M & more. They basically offer anything that is difficult to get your hands on in Canada (or that has insane shipping prices to Canada). Led always by my hunger first and second by my makeup obsession, we continued on to brunch and I declared that I must go there afterwards! And I did.
Coastal Scents section (I spy my husband's reflection in a mirror).
BH Cosmetics section with Beauty Blender above
I walked into the tiny pop-up shop and was greeted by a very friendly sales associate and walls of makeup. It was basically heaven. They had tons to offer from most of the brands on their shelves. The first thing I noticed were shelves full of Coastal Scents products, including their Revealed palettes, which I own and love. The prices are generally a dollar or two higher than what the product originally retails for. Considering the US exchange rate right now and shipping costs, I think this is a pretty great deal. They also had a lot of products from BH Cosmetics. 
One half of the NYX Cosmetics Display
What most intrigued me was the large selection of NYX Cosmetics products they had. Almost the entire collection was present, excluding the new NYX eyebrow products; micro-brow, eyebrow gel & eyebrow pomade. It was the most comprehensive collection I have seen in Canada. Now that Target is gone, it is increasingly difficult to get your hands on NYX products (I do not have a Rexall near me). Look at all of those blushes up there! I'm pretty sure that is all of them! They also had a tester for nearly every product on the shelf. As a Canadian this is something that is few and far between and very helpful for brands that we do not get to see on shelves very frequently. Instead of picking your colour based off of blog posts and YouTube videos, you can touch the products in person! They also had nearly the entire Wet N' Wild collection, which I didn't realize was so vast!
Brushes from Real Techniques, EcoTools & Bdellium
There were walls of brushes from Real Techniques & Bdellium tools, which held almost every brush that both brands carry I am sure and when you sauntered into the very back of the store, they had an entire display of Sigma products. They had each brush on display so that you could see the exact size and texture of the brush. This is something extremely hard to come by when it comes to Sigma, as they are an online-only company.There was also an entire display of Z-Palette's in every colour and size that you could possibly want!
All the Z-Palettes you could want
I went home and did a little research and FTB Beauty is an online store as well that offers free shipping within Canada for all orders over $50. If you do not spend that much there is a flat-rate shipping fee of $7.99 for standard shipping or $12.99 for express shipping. Considering some of the costs of shipping to Canada (I'm looking at you Coastal Scents & Sigma!), this is an amazing deal. I love any company that will offer free or inexpensive shipping to Canada. And since all of their products are already imported, the shipping times will be so much quicker!

FTB Beauty basically carries all of the hard-to-find brands in Canada and I am obsessed. If you are looking for something that is difficult to get your hands on in the North, look no further. Check out FTB Beauty and I can bet it will be there & if you are in the GTA area, stop by their location on King St. West because it is an awesome little shop with a lot to offer!

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