Wednesday, September 23, 2015

IMATS Toronto Wishlist 2015!

IMATS Toronto is this weekend! Eep! If you've followed me for a long time you will know that I live for makeup sales. I have been to the Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale, the Shiseido/Nars Warehouse Sale, the L'Oreal Warehouse Sale and IMATS all multiple times. That's a lot of sales! But I think that IMATS is my favourite and it is probably for one simple reason: brushes. Makeup tools are some of the most expensive and most important parts of a good makeup junkie's stash. In Canada, they are a little hard to come by because we generally get screwed by every company when it comes to shipping.

IMATS is like Christmas. There are so many different brands who all have discounts on their products and no shipping fees. I can't describe the joy. I realize I am insane. That being said, this is what I hope to pick up this year at IMATS. I strongly believe in making a list so you don't go bananas (If it's your first year, you're going to go bananas anyways, so it's okay!). With a list at list you have a guideline. I will make a few impulse purchases but this will help me stay on track!
1. Embryolisse: I pick up an Embryolisse every year. This is an amazing moisturizer to put on before makeup and I love it for the winter. It is super hydrating and makeup just applies beautifully over top of it. If you are a dry-skinned girl like me, you need this!

2. Morphe Brushes: Morphe has quickly become one of the biggest brush companies (thanks to YouTube). I honestly don't care about any other brush company there. I don't love the brushes from Bdellium or Crown brush, I find the selection a little lackluster at Royal & Langnickle and Hakuhodo is just expensive. Morphe have a huge selection, they are amazing quality and they are dirt cheap. I am going to stock up major this year. I bought my first morphe brushes last year and use them all on a daily basis. This will be a big chunk of my budget! Also hoping to score the 35K palette, but I'm not holding my breath as these palettes are currently a hot commodity.

3. Benefit: Benefit has never been at IMATS before. I'm kind of excited. What I buy here will generally depend on the discount. NARS is at IMATS every year with no discount (no thanks!). If the discount is good I want to pick up another RSVP Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow (my go-to all over the lid shade). I also want to give the That Gal primer a try (hello glowy skin) and the Rockateur blush because I have been obsessed with neutral blush lately.

4. Beauty Blender: Just like Embryolisse, this is an IMATS staple for me. You can generally get two Beauty Benders for $35 at IMATS which is a great deal! I use a Beauty Blender almost every day for my foundation so I am in desperate need of a new one. And if I buy two I don't have to wash it as often! Win-win.

5. Inglot: This is also the first year that Inglot will be there. Again, what I purchase will depend on the discount. I really want the refreshing face mist and the AMC Gel Liner 77 (Black!) because everyone says it's the best!

6. Makeup Forever: Last year I steered clear from Makeup Forever but lately they have been really upping their game. They have released a lot of new products that I want to try. I really want to get one of their new primers, either the Hydrating or Radiance one and I am very intrigued by the new Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation. I'm going to Sephora on Thursday to get my brows done so I will be colour matching myself while I am there (Pro tip: Colour match yourself before IMATS because it is a zoo! You will not be able to get an accurate colour match in all the chaos).

7. NYX Cosmetics: Yet ANOTHER brand that has never been at IMATS Toronto before (what a good year!). I really just want to get another NYX Eyebrow Gel in Brunette as mine is a little dried up after over a year of use. I also want to get the Tame and Frame eyebrow pomade in Brunette. I have it in Chocolate but it is a little too warm. I could potentially see a lipstick or two falling into my basket as well. Hello vampy fall lips, where are you?

Let's hope I can stick close to my list this year! I'm hoping to stick within my budget of $200. Here's hoping the newer companies (Inglot, Benefit and NYX) have some sweet deals!

Let me know if you are going to IMATS and what is on your wish list this year!

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