Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dreaming of dip-dye

Ever since I was 16, I've wanted pink hair. I tried once in high school and failed miserably. It has scarred me forever. I picked up a dye-kit from Shoppers Drugmart that claimed to be bleach and dye in one easy step. Shockingly, it didn't work well on dyed-black hair. I attempted to dye the underneath section of my hair pink (which was super hip back then). It instead turned my hair a gross orange. I rocked the orange for a while, looking like Halloween, but never tried pink again.

Photo Credit: Shoe Paparazzi

As a girl who loves everything a little bit rock and roll and edgy, pink hair is my dream. Something about an unnatural hair colour just speaks to me. The closest I've ever gotten was dying my hair bright red for prom. Pink is a little more unnatural looking and now that I am attempting to be an adult, I'm not sure hot pink hair is the way to go. As much as I think Audrey Kitching's (above) hair looks bad ass, I don't know if it I could make it work in real life. Her hair-do would make me look like a 16 year old again. Which is not a good thing since I can barely convince others that I am 24. Dip-dye seems like the happy medium. I can look like a normal adult, while also feeling pretty bad ass.

Photo Credit: Demi: BeautyEtcetera , Drew: StyleSoMindi

Last year the dip dye trend was all the rage. Every celebrity gave it a whirl one way or another. I am partial to pink so that is definitely the route that I would go (to start?). These looks from Demi Lovato and Drew Barrymore were my favourite takes on the trend last year. I normally hate the very harsh lines between colours but somehow Drew makes it work. I feel like she can make anything work *swoon* (girlcrush much?). Demi's very ombre-esque dip-dye seems to be my ideal match. I think I would like something a little brighter but I love it nonetheless. My only question is whether or not I missed my big opportunity.

Is dip-dye so last year?

I go through hair phases. It has been many years since I have had black or red hair. I am now a bottle blonde, with a golden tone much like Demi's, and have been for almost four years now. I have been considering going dark again, but I can't give up my big opportunity to finally be able to colour my hair pink at home and have it work.  I know I am staying blonde for at least until the end of summer. This makes it the perfect time to dip-dye my ends a vibrant pink colour. But admittedly, I am scared. Hair is a big deal people!

Photo Cred:  DIY Hair

But there something about dip-dye that is drawing me in and consuming my dreams. I want to look as cool as that girl does all summer long! I asked my hair stylist about it and she basically told me that dip-dying your hair is a DIY breeze. It isn't supposed to look perfect (which, as a perfectionist, slightly terrifies me) so I could easily do it myself. She even recommended that I don't spend the money for her to do it. So I guess at least she has faith in me.

Of course since then I have watched 25+ YouTube video's on it so I feel sufficiently knowledgeable. My only fear is creating too harsh of a line, like Drew's. I want it to look like a beautiful gradient. My research has shown that the easiest way to do this is dye your hair twice. The second time around you just need to work the colour up higher than the first time. This will make the ends darker and the section higher lighter, created a gradient. Tada! I'm basically a hair dresser now. right? So now I know I will ponder this for another month or so, like the reluctant hairdresser I am. And then hopefully, I will bite the bullet and try not to ruin my hair.

Wish me luck folks.

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