Friday, May 17, 2013

My Perfect Brows

As Jeremy Renner says, nothing frames a face like lips, lashes and brows. If you didn't know he used to be a makeup artist and those are his five minute face tips. Ever since I realized that filling in my eyebrows completely changed my face, I have been a pencil brow kinda girl. I always thought that brow powder would be too much work. Brows already take too much time and precision as is, I didn't need to commit more time and energy to it when I'm rushing around in the morning. Recently, I lightened my hair for summer and decided that my brow pencil was looking a little harsh. The last thing I want is to look like I drew on my eyebrows. I picked up Mac Cosmetics "Omega" eyeshadow, which is supposed to be the perfect brow colour for blondes. And I love it.


It is a light, cool-toned, matte brown colour.  I think I am a brow powder convert. Brow powder on an angled liner brush is easy and can give me a super-defined or more natural brow look depending on how much product I apply. As a beauty junkie who went through a gel liner phase, I own about 6 angled liner brushes. I tried them all with my new brow powder and my favourite is this BH Cosmetics brush. I got it in their 10-piece brush kit that I bought for my mom for Christmas. She doesn't use it, so I borrowed it. What I like about this brush is that its hair is short, dense and it is too thick to do eyeliner, but not too thick for my brows. I can use this brush to fill in the sparse area's of my brow to create a natural but defined eyebrow shape. Or I can fill in my brow more prominently for a dramatically defined look for night time.

This is what my eyebrows look like before and after filling them in. I have unruly brows so after I fill them in I always set them with the Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara. It is super cheap at the drugstore but does the job perfectly and one tube lasts forever! This is my eyebrows done more dramatically. If you're like me, a natural brunette who has gone bottle blonde, this brow powder is awesome. It works with my super-dark brows but also doesn't make them look too drastic against my light hair. It's perfection and makes it look like my bottle-blonde locks might be something I was born with.

My brows look super natural and frame my face beautifully. I may never use a pencil product on my brows again. Powder delivers a softer look and avoids that crazy drawn-on appearance that all beauty junkies hate and fear at the same time. I was going to purchase the Anastasia Brow Powder duo from Sephora but it retails for $30 and I don't think I need two brow powders to fill in my brows on a daily basis. I figured I would end up using one more than the other and that would be a waste. I recommend picking up a a matte eyeshadow instead. At Mac, a potted eyeshadow will only cost you $18 and if you have a palette with an empty spot you can pick up a pan eyeshadow for $14.50. It's the same product at almost half the price. And if you can find a matte drugstore eyeshadow that works with your hair colour, all the more power to you girl.


  1. I absolutely love using brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows. I find it gives the most natural look and very easy to apply.

  2. I am obsessed with it now! Can't believe I hadn't tried it before.