Friday, May 10, 2013

Shop with me: Brandy Melville

Last weekend the weather was gorgeous! My husband and I decided to venture into Toronto and do some shopping on Queen Street. My feet hated me, but it was well worth it and I picked up a few cute pieces. The only store where I tried on clothes was Brandy Melville.

Lately, Brandy Melville has been all the rage online and I needed to see it for myself. The interesting thing about Brandy Melville is that almost everything is one size fits all. How do you make pants/legging that are one size fits all? I was very weary of this store. There is nothing worse than trying on 15 things and hating them all to kill your self esteem for a day. I am by no means a toothpick of a girl. I am short and petite, but I have hips and a big butt to boot. I assumed that everything in Brandy Melville would be made for model-thin California girls. But my curiosity got the better of me and I had to try on a few pieces and see for myself.

I tried on the Carlina Knit Top first. I thought it looked cute and fit well, but it was a little too sheer for my liking. And now that the weather is warming up, I probably don't need to be buying long-sleeved shirts. The Jessie Sweater was also very sheer and it fit too snug for me. I didn't end up getting either of these pieces. In all of these pictures (above and below) I am also wearing the Kelis Leggings and I loved them. They fit over my thick thighs and my big butt and weren't sheer at all. I have been looking to invest in some better leggings because all of mine seem to be see-through. I know the one-size fits all situation can be intimidating but I do think that a lot of their pieces will fit a wide range of body types and shapes. Obviously, it will not cater to everyone, but if you're my size or smaller it should fit. Also, these leggings are soooo soft!

My only bone to pick with Brandy Melville is that because it is summer every single top in the store is cropped (I'm not even exaggerating). I am not all that comfortable with my stomache, like most girls, and I don't know if I want it exposed to the world. I get that it is the trend for the season, but does every piece need to be cropped? I can wear the trend with high-waisted skirts, shorts and pants but I don't need to wear it every day. These were the more modest crop-tops that I found. Many others literally stopped just under the bust which is too much crop for me. The I Love You To The Moon and Back tank was cute, but I found that it looked a little boxy on me. The Sadie Meow tank is definitely up my alley! I am a crazy cat lady and I love this shirt. Of course I picked it up. I can see it with a bodycon skirt or some high-waisted shorts in the summer looking adorable. How cute is that cat?!

I had heard that Brandy Melville's sweaters were super comfortable and they are available in so many different colours. The Julia Hoodie was comfy and zipped up easily but I just didn't love love it. The Bettina Hoodie is a pull-over and is slightly high-low. It has a bit of a bat-wing sleeve which I loved. I decided against getting it because the weather is getting warmer and I probably don't need another hoodie. But if you're in the market for a spring hoodie, the material is light and super soft.

I picked up the leggings and the Meow tank and am very happy with my purchases. I would say if you're into the trendy California vibe that Brandy Melville gives off, definitely give it a try. The return policy is less than stellar (exchange/store credit only within 14 days) so I would recommend trying things on before purchasing anything. Obviously, this store is not going to suit everyone and definitely does not cater to plus-sized girls. I think that's a bummer but the one-sized fits all mantra is definitely intriguing and probably helps to keep their prices relatively low.

While in Toronto I also picked up these pieces to add to my summer wardrobe. I love band tee's and I actually only own one right now. In high school I lived in them and think they can make a casual outfit a little more rock n' roll. I picked up this Led Zeppelin t-shirt at the Black Market. Everything was $10 so I couldn't pass it up. Zeppelin is my all-time favourite band and I love that this shirt is an older concert poster print. So psychedelic.  I've seen this Heidi Klum middle finger print all over the place and I just love it. I got this shirt at a shop in Kensington Market. I just needed it in my life. This was also $10. I think it looks bad-ass and I will wear this to death this summer!


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