Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Obsession: Cleansing Oils

Cleansing waters and micellar waters are all the rage lately. Bioderma is flying off the shelves. I must admit, I own a bottle thanks to all the hype. But I just don't find that cleansing waters are the best possible way to remove my makeup. Cleansing oils are my obsession. They trump cleansing waters when it comes to removing all traces of my makeup, including my stubborn waterproof mascara.

What I love most about cleansing oils is that I can just use my fingers. Cotton rounds and makeup wipes always end up feeling scratchy on my face and irritate my eyes to no end. My fingers are so much more gentle. I also wear waterproof mascara every day and nothing gets that off like cleansing oil. My current love is Mac Cleanse-Off Oil ($36CA), which you can get at any mac store or counter. But the most famous line of cleansing oils is from Shu Uemura. They have quite a large range of cleansing oils, which also range in price. Their line contains 6 cleansing oils ranging from $36-$98. I don't think I could ever justify spending $98 on a cleansing oil, but apparently it's amazing.

I think the biggest issue with cleansing oils is how to use them. It's different from any other cleansing method I've tried. You'll want clean, dry hands and your dry, makeup-covered face. One pump of oil takes off all of my face makeup. I gently rub it into my skin and it begins to melt the foundation away. I then use less than half a pump for my eye area and stubborn mascara. I gently rub downwards on the lashes and then in windsheild-wiper motions to remove all traces of mascara. At this point, you will look like a raccoon. Simply wet your hands and rub them on your face to emulsify the oil and it rinse it away with all traces of makeup.

Cleansing oils are easy, gentle and remove all makeup flawlessly. I think everyone that raves about cleansing waters needs to try out a cleansing oil and discover why they are so much more amazing. Sephora also has one for just $17 and The Body Shop just released one for $16. I haven't tried either of these inexpensive options but I definitely will be trying them soon!

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