Friday, October 25, 2013

Frame That Face! [my eyebrow routine]

I think that eyebrows are one of the most important parts of any makeup routine. They also seem to be the most ignored part of most girls routines. I didn’t start filling my eyebrows in until a couple years ago. But now that I do, I can see the huge difference it makes on my face.  The simple art of filling in my brows makes me look more put together than any step in my makeup routine. It’s basically magical. I am a strong believer that every girl should fill in her brows. Try it once and you won’t be able to stop yourself from making it an everyday thing!

Ben Nye Mink Stole, Cocoa Brown and MAC Omega Eyeshadows

I died my hair from blonde to dark chocolate brown last week and my immediate reaction was “Oh God, my brows need  to be way darker!”. I was filling them in with MAC Omega eyeshadow, which I still advocate as the perfect brow colour for blondes, but it was way to light for dark hair. Instead of going out and buying a new brow product, I went home and dug through my collection for the perfect matte brown eyeshadow. I immediately reached for my Ben Nye Glam Shadow Palette, which has 12 beautifully matte, mostly neutral eyeshadows. I knew it would come through for me and once I saw those deep medium-toned browns I knew I’d found the perfect brow colours.

MAC Omega, Ben Nye Mink Stole and Ben Nye Cocoa Brown

I first filled my brows in with Mink Stole, which is a cool-toned brown. It looked good, but not perfect. Because my hairdresser put red tones in my hair I found this colour to be a little too ashy for my brows. Cocoa Brown looked way too warm-toned and light in the pan, but I tried it anyway. It ended up being the perfect colour! I don’t think I’ve ever worn it because it is too warm to wear on my cool-toned complexion, but on my brows it’s perfection. People keep thinking that I got my eyebrows dyed with my hair, which I didn't. It’s all an illusion thanks to this most perfect eyeshadow. Dying my eyebrows seems like too much work and I don't even know how I would deal with eyebrow roots, so this is the cheap and easy-to-maintain alternative. The key is to find an eyeshadow that has the same undertones as your hair. It will make both your hair and your eyebrows look natural and will pull your look together. When your hair and brows match, people think it's your natural hair colour.

 My naked eyebrows / Mac Omega to fill in my brows
Ben Nye Mink Stole to fill in my brows / Ben Nye Cocoa Brown to fill in my brows

With my new dark hair I have been obsessed with strong, bold brows. They look phenomenal and I feel naked without them. I think the dark-haired laides can afford to give a little heavy-hand to their eyebrow routine. I just feel like a well-defined brow makes me look polished, even if I haven't gotten much sleep or spent too much time on my makeup that day. Blonde-haired ladies, you aren't off the hook. Although your brows won't look as bold, it is just as important to fill them in. You also don't need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on brow products. A simple matte eyeshadow that matches your hair colour will do. Top it off with some clear mascara (Maybelline Great Lash is fantiastic and inexpensive) and you're good to go. Take a picture of your before and after and you won't be able to stop filling in those brows.

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