Monday, August 4, 2014

Younique 3D Fibre Lashes [review]

I have the kind of eyelashes that refuse to stay curled. They are short, straight and stubborn (like me! hehe). I have to use waterproof mascara just to make them hold the tiniest of curls. I was hoping that the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes would give me the lashes that I have always lusted over. I was at an event a few weeks back and there was a Younique booth there and I knew I couldn't leave without them. They set me back $40CAN and were tax free (roughly the price of a high-end mascara with tax).

This is not a mascara. It is instead fibers that you attach to your natural lashes. I have always been horrid at applying falsies and thought this might be a great alternative. The lashes come inside this gorgeous quilted case that reminds me of an eyeglass case. Inside it you get a Transplanting Gel and the Natural Fibers in mascara tubes. The Transplanting Gel is a very dark black mascara-like product with a regular mascara wand. As you can see, the gel can goop up a bit at the bottom of the wand. I simply wipe this off whenever it gets too goopy.
Younique Transplanting Gel
Younique Natural Fibers
You are supposed to apply a thin layer of your favourite mascara, apply a layer of Transplanting Gel and then apply the fibers. Once you have the desired effect, you want to seal that in with another layer of Transplanting Gel. At this point you can add another layer of fibers. And so on and so on as long as you keep sealing them with the Transplanting Gel. I find that the best method is to apply very thin layers of the Transplanting Gel and the fibers. If you add too many fibers to a layer it can look clumpy and that is when you start to get fiber fallout.
My regular naked lashes | My lashes with a thin coat of Essence Get Big Lashes! Waterproof Mascara
My lashes with two layers of the Transplanting Gel and Fibers, sealed with one thin layer of mascara.
Pictures say a thousand words. Look at those lashes! I never thought that I would be able to have the illusion of false lashes without having to wear them. This stuff is pretty easy to get the hang of. I find that the best way to avoid fibre fallout is to keep your layers of fibers thin. One swipe over each section of your lashes is enough to do the trick. I have only ever added three layers, I find it gets a little clumpy/spidery at that point. Once you are done layering I like to seal it all with a thin layer of my waterproof mascara just to ensure that there is no fibre fallout. I had absolutely no problem with this mascara smudging or flaking on me. I have very watery eyes so this is basically a miracle for a non-waterproof mascara.

Obviously, this is a little more work than a regular mascara every morning. I wouldn't, and haven't, used this mascara on a daily basis since I have bought it. When I am running around like a mad-woman in the morning I don't have time for winged liner, let alone the time to be playing around with fibres. I would reserve this for special occasions but I absolutely love it. It gives me lashes and makes them look real! If you have stubborn lashes like me, this just might be your saviour. I would definitely recommend picking it up and giving it a try. This is my special occasion mascara for sure.

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