Thursday, August 14, 2014

Coastal Scents Revealed & Revealed 2 Palettes [review]

I have raved about pretty much all of the neutral eyeshadow palettes that exist. I am obsessed! I recently saw a few reviews for the Coastal Scents Revealed and Revealed 2 palettes and knew that I had to add them to my collection. They are basically made to be dupes of the Urban Decay Naked, Naked 2 and Naked 3 palettes, which are the quintessential neutral eyeshadow palettes. Both palettes have 20 eyeshadows and retail for only $19.99US. The original Revealed Palette contains dupes for the neutral warm-toned shades of the Naked palette and the cool-toned shades from the Naked 2 palette. The Releaved 2 palette contains rosey and pink-toned shades that are dupes of the Naked 3 palette.
These palettes come in pretty sturdy cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure. There is no mirror in it but that isn't a huge loss for me. When I ordered these palettes I assumed that the colour pay-off would be mediocre at best. I was wrong. These palettes deliver amazing pigmentation, even on matte shades. And on top of that the shimmer and glitter shadows are fantastically reflective. The Revealed palette contains almost exact dupes of the Naked 1 and Naked 2 palette. If you have been thinking about getting the Urban Decay palettes but don't want to pay the steep price tag, this is an amazing quality dupe. The shadows are almost as good as Urban Decay shadows and at a crazy fraction of the price. In the pictures below I have listed all of the dupes for the Naked 1 and Naked 2 palette in the Revealed Palette in the order they appear in the Revealed palette.
Revealed Palette row 1: Dupes for Foxy (N2), Bootycall (N2)/Virgin (N1), Sin (N2), Naked (N1), Tease (N2),
YDK (N1), Buck (N2), Half Baked (N1&N2), Suspect (N2), Verve (N2)

Revealed Palette Row 2: Dupes for Smog (N1), Snakebite (N2), Pistol (N2), N/A, Toasted (N1),
 Hustle (N1), N/A, Busted (N2), Gunmetal (N1), Blackout (N2)
I do not own the Naked 3 palette so I can't compare the dupes to it and the Revealed 2 palette myself but I have seen many bloggers do it. There are pretty close dupes for every colour in the Naked 3 palette within this palette. I have really cool-toned skin and sometimes pink shadows can make me look a little sickly. I had been debating buying the Naked 3 palette since it launched but just couldn't justify the $64CAN price tag for something I wasn't sure how often I would use. This the the perfect option. It has all of the shades, with a few extras thrown in, like a to-die-for matte burgundy colour.

This palette actually has 7 matte shades, which makes me so excited. This is more mattes than the Naked 3 palette has. I am also obsessing over the matte black from this palette. The matte black in the Revealed 1 leaves little to be desired but this one is fantastic. It is super pigmented and creamy. When I need a matte black, this is the shade I have been reaching for. It works beautifully smudged along the lashline. I love it!
Revealed 2 Palette Row 1
Revealed 2 Palette Row 2
I am obsessed with these palettes! Obviously, the quality is not exactly as fantastic as the Urban Decay shades but for less than $1 a shadow, these are pretty damn close. I literally can't rave enough about these palettes. They are fantastic. The only negative that I can find is that these shades are not named. I am the kind of person that knows the name of every beauty product and nail polish that I am wearing at any given moment. I know, I'm insane. But I love knowing the names of products so when I am describing shades either in person or on the blog I don't have to say "Shade 3 in row 2". It also doesn't take a lot of effort on the companies part to name them. At this point is it something that we in the beauty world expect. I would take shimmery pink as a name over nothing. But, I digress.

The shadows themselves work wonderfully. They are pigmented, blend well and gorgeous. If you have these two palettes in your collection you can make a million different wearable or smoky looks. Long story short, pick up these palettes. If you have the Naked palettes you don't necessarily need these (umm, like me), but it won't hurt the bank to have them in your collection either.


  1. These palettes are gorgeous! I'm Canadian as well and I was wondering how you managed to get your hands on those palettes?

    1. I just ordered them off of Coastal Scents. Their shipping isn't too bad. For this order I spent $85 and the shipping was $14. You just have to play around with their shipping options until you find the cheapest one. You can also check out FTB Beauty. They are Canadian and based in Toronto. They have free Canadian shipping over $50 and regular shipping is ~$7.99. I wrote a blog post on them, it was my most recent post.