Saturday, November 1, 2014

Coast Scents Hot Pots Haul [Swatches & Review]

Coastal Scents is a name that is renowned in the online beauty community. Most of us will have an 88 palette and a couple Coastal Scents brushes lying around in our collection somewhere. I have always equated Coastal Scents with being a lower quality, but inexpensive product. Earlier this year I discovered the Revealed Palettes that they had released (dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palettes) and picked them up. I love them and I have been intrigued with the brand ever since. I received an email late last month stating that the Hot Pots (single eyeshadow pans) were on sale for .99 cents each. That is an insane deal. Once I realized that I could get 20 eyeshadows for only $20 I decided I needed to do my research. The more I Googled, the more I discovered only good things about the Hot Pots so I added a few too many to my cart and checked out before they all sold out.
My new Coastal Scents Palette - Love!
I picked up 22 single pan eyeshadows. Shipping to Canada was only $9.50, so I paid around $30 for this purchase. The eyeshadows regularly retail for $1.95, which is still a pretty amazing deal. Coastal Scents has a 28-pan eyeshadow palette you can buy for $9.95, but I've heard the quality isn't fantastic so I picked up an empty MAC palette instead for $10. I love the MAC palettes and the quality is fantastic. You can fit 23 eyeshadows in these without an instert (which means I have room for one more!)

As you can see, this palette was pretty heavily influenced by the fall season. I love fall and there is nothing better than some deep, warm eyeshadow shades. I looked up swatches and watched reviews on YouTube and finally narrowed it down to 22 shades, including 5 gorgeous bright, pigmented shades that I didn't have in my collection. I obviously will not wear bright yellow or red eyeshadow on a daily basis, but for .99 cents they are a great addition to your collection. I basically picked up all of the bright shades that I didn't have in my Sugarpill and Urban Decay Electric palettes.
Row 1: Light Taupe, Frosty Taupe, Deep Merlot, Burnished Wine, Amaretto & Vintage Burgundy
Row 2: Brownstone, Kodiak, Olivewood, Chocolatier, Chocolate Berry & Panama Rose
The pigmentation on these eyeshadows is absolutely fantastic. I ended up picking up 11 matte shades and 11 shimmer/satin finish shades. The shimmer eyeshadows have an amazing colour payoff and a great duo-chrome/shine to them. A lot of the times, shimmers can fall a little flat or dull on the lid. I would say these come close to the shimmer payoff that an Urban Decay shadow has and a little more than some of my MAC shadows. I am just blown away by how great these shadows are. At the price point they really remind me of the quality of Wet N Wild eyeshadows. All of these swatches were taken without an eyeshadow primer and with one swipe of product. The matte shades are a little bit chalkier than the shimmers, which is pretty common with matte eyeshadows. They are still fantastically pigmented and do not feel like a $1 eyeshadow when you are trying to work with them. They blend very well and with a little bit of work they look beautiful on the lid.

Burnished Brunette, Concrete Jungle, Deep Roast, Platinum Blue & Elven Midnight
Bright Yellow, Vibrant Red, Vibrant Blue Green, Electric Blue & Deep Grape
The bright colours are a little less pigmented, to an extent, than the more neutral shades that I picked up. In the swathces you can see that pretty clearly. The yellow and the red shade are the most pigmented of the brights. Beware, the red stains a little. I haven't had a chance to test out these bright shades, but when swatching the only colour that stained my hand/finger was the red shade. Bright shades generally work better with a primer and I am sure that is the case with these ones as well.

In short, I am obsessed. I have already started a new cart on Coastal Scents so that next time they have a .99 cent sale (I hear it's 2-3 times a year and usually once before Christmas) I can just hit checkout and get everything before it sells out. I also feel like I need to pick up a few lighter shades to balance out my palette and make it more user-friendly.

For less than a dollar, you cannot go wrong with these eyeshadows. They are pigmented, with a primer they last all day and they blend fantastically. I honestly cannot rave enough about these shadows. And to top it off, there are over 300 shades so there is literally any shade you could ever want. Buy these eyeshadows. You need them. Is it bad that I kind of want all 300?

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