Saturday, November 15, 2014

Holiday Party Dress Picks [All Under $100]

The holiday season is right around the corner. It is crazy to think that Christmas is only 39 days away. With Christmas so close, it means that work holiday parties are even closer, which means that I have to buy a dress. Holiday parties are always a blast but finding the perfect dress is always a pain. My husband’s Christmas party is at the end of November. Since it is so early I always find it increasingly difficult to find a dress. The fact that I never wear dresses and hate dress shopping also doesn’t help my situation. 

I have a few rules for dress shopping this year: 1) I need to spend under $100. Let’s be real; I am most likely never going to wear this dress again. I don’t wear dresses, ever, 2) It needs to be an A-line/Fit & Flare shape. I am not trying to wear Spanx and 3) It cannot be red/burgundy/oxblood, etc. I have worn this colour to the last three Christmas parties. I need to step out of my comfort zone. 

I hate when I read blogs or articles on “inexpensive” dress choices and they are all over $150. I am not trying to spend that much money on a dress I may never wear again, especially when there are great options out there at such affordable prices. These are my top picks for this year:

1. A-Line Damask Dress $33.80 (Forever 21): Forever 21 is very hit or miss when it comes to quality but I love this dress. Jewel-tones look great against my skin-tone and I love the cut of this dress. The high neck is flattering and the pleating will cover up the few extra Christmas pounds I’m going to put on from all the holiday goodies. It also means I can eat as much as I want that night without anyone noticing. The price is also incredible.

Sheer Detailed Fit and Flare Dress $59.90 (Dynamite): Dynamite is a great store for work-appropriate clothing. They are a more mature version of Garage. I love that this dress has a sweetheart neckline (my favourite!) and also has sheer long sleeves. I adore short dresses with long sleeves. I think they are so chic. The sheer paneling is vet subtle, which I love. I think this would look great with some coloured tights.

TOPSHOP Mesh Panel PU Dress $110.00 (Topshop at TheBay): I had to have one splurge dress on this list. This is it. I am obsessed with leather detailing. This leather dress with a mesh crop-top-esque paneling reveals skin in the right way. It looks modern yet classy and I love this neckline. Topshop has amazing pieces and although this is over budget it just might be worth it. I would also most likely wear this dress again because I love the rocker vibe it gives off.
Fit and Flare Velvet Dress $39.90 (Garage): I can’t decide if this dress is tacky or awesome. Velvet has made a comeback this year. This navy blue colour is gorgeous. Clearly I am really into mesh paneling as it makes its third appearance in this list. The intricate stitching details on this mesh are a nice touch to make this a little different.

Dress with Mesh Bustier $65.90 (Smart Set): I think this is my favourite dress on this list. It just might be the winner. Polka dots, mesh paneling, a sweetheart neckline and tulle! Could this dress get any better? I will be going to try this dress on very soon.

Fit and Flare Pleated Dress with Faux Leather $28.00 (Dynamite): First of all, can we talk about the price? For some reason this dress has dropped from $49.90 to just $28! It is an amazing deal and looks awesome. The leather detailing is just a simple chest-panel, unlike the other dress that was made completely of leather. It might be a little too simple for a Christmas party, but can be easily jazzed-up with a nice necklace.
If you aren’t a dress girl (like me) jumpsuits/rompers are a great alternative. I love the way they look and think that they can be easily dressed up with a pair of heels. Unfortunately for me, my husband hates them and they generally don’t fit me properly. They are a little trickier to find the right fit in because they have to fit you so many places at once. Since I am so short and curvy, generally jumpsuits cut me in all the wrong places and are way too long. I am still probably going to try them on and will them to fit me. I love the way a jumpsuit looks and I feel like they are easier to wear than a dress (no pantyhose!)
Strapless Pleated  Jumpsuit $29.90 (Forever 21): I love this jumpsuit. I know I said no red, but this is too flawless to pass up. It has a great sweetheart neckline and the top of the jumpsuit looks very structured. I love the pleating in the bottom to make room for my dinner. This is a gorgeous jumpsuit at a ridiculous price!

Belted Tuxedo Jumpsuit $59.90 (Dynamite): Yet another piece from Dynamite. They have so many choices! This jumpsuit has some subtle details that add to the jumper, like the trim around the bust and the belt. I think this would look gorgeous with a topknot and some vibrant lips! 

I am so excited to see some great inexpensive picks this year. I am not trying to spend a fortune on a Christmas party dress. I will definitely be hitting up the mall this weekend and hopefully taking one of these pieces home with me. What are your picks for the holiday season this year?

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