Saturday, April 18, 2015

Travelling: Packing Skincare

My cousin is getting married on April 22nd in Costa Rica. Our flight leaves today (April 18th) and I am stoked! But, packing sucks. I am currently packing to move house and packing for this trip and I absolutely hate it. I lack the skill it takes to pare down to the essentials. I just want to bring it all! When it comes to skincare I used to always skimp out and buy mini's from Walmart or Shopper's Drugmart. I know when it comes to packing you always want to pack light, but when it comes to my skincare I have realized that you need to stick with what works for you. Your skin is already dehydrated from the flight and I think throwing any new products into the mix could spell disaster for your skin. And I do not want to be broken out in wedding pictures that will haunt me for the rest of my life.
This is what I use on a weekly basis and what I will need for a week away. I know it seems excessive. Don't judge me. In the past I have simply picked up minis because it is easier. The problem is you usually can't find your most love products in mini-form. So I would simply pick up and use what I could get my hands on. This is too much change for my skin and it has broken me out in the past. I have come to realize that I have a skincare system that works and this is it. So I decided I might as well stick with it.The problem is this just might weigh down my suitcase a little. I obviously do not want to lug this all with me, especially considering the amount of glass packaging up there.

What I decided to do was buy small containers. I had a few left over from previous trips and I went to Superstore and bought a pack. It came with the four small jar containers, one pump container, three pop-top containers and one small container with a tiny opening. I decided what packaging each type of product needed and started transferring small amounts into the containers.The only things I didn't transfer into other packaging were my serums. These containers are small enough that they will fit as-is. It is also difficult to find packaging that will accommodate serums. I am a little concerned because they are both glass/ceramic packaging, but I will simply put them in a sock and hope for the best.

This literally saved me so much space and now anytime I need to go away for a weekend or for vacation I have my favourite products all ready to go. Most importantly, it won't upset my skin so I will be able to look my best in the wedding pictures! I hope this was helpful and cannot wait to reach warmer climates this weekend.

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  1. Thanks for giving good information and it will be more helpful for me. I am always on travel trip for my business work as well as weekend or vacation. I used to carry big size of things like powder ,lotions and many more things as per my requirements. But they are so heavy. I just want stick packs, small packets which will be reliable to carry on journey or trip. This information helps me more in my trip. Nice Post.