Friday, April 26, 2013

15% Off Skin Care? Yes Please!

Last week was the Sephora 15% off sale for Beauty Insiders. Sephora never really has sales. As someone who is $55 away from becoming a VIB, I have never participated in their 20% of sale either. I had a shopping cart full of things on (as I always do) so I figured this would be the perfect time to buy a few. I attempted to place the order online, until I tried to do Canadian checkout and they told me that I was no eligible to use the coupon code online. But I can take a coupon in store and use it. 

Um, I just don't get it.

If I am able to go to a Sephora location (which, by the way, is not conveniently located near me) and use the coupon, why can't I use it online? I have seen this topic broached by Canadian bloggers before and it really upsets me. I am not less important than an American customer. Sephora expanded their business into my country and then discriminated against me. It's ridiculous. I know, I am dramatic. But that is my rant for the week. My only issue is that there were two products that were sold out at my local Sephora, and if I could have ordered online, where the stock is more vast, I would have been able to purchase them with the discount. Now, I cannot. And I know that I am going to purchase them at full price, and it makes me mad. Obviously, Sephora is one of the few placed to buy high-end beauty products in Canada, so I'm not going to boycott it. But I do think it is an issue that should be resolved. Canadian customers should be treated equal to American customers.

 Anyways, on with the blog! This is what I picked up from the sale. It is mostly skin care because I have declared 2013 to be the year of skin care for me. I want to take better care of my skin this year. This venture started with buying my Clarisonic (which I love). Now I have decided to try some more high-end products too. 

Philosophy "Purity Made Simple" Face Wash: I received a sample of this with my Clarisonic and really liked it. It is all the rage on the interwebs so I decided to give the full-sized version a try. I still have to finish up a Vichy cleanser I am using, so I haven't cracked this bad boy open yet. 

Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head "Delicate": I currently have the Clarisonic brush head for Sensitive skin that came with my Clarisonic. My skin is sensitive, in that it turns red easily, so I wanted to give the Delicate brush head a try. It definitely looks fluffier than the Sensitive brush head so hopefully it will agree with my skin.

Benefit Duo: It's not my birthday. But my mom's is in April and she got her free birthday gift, which is a mini-sample of the They're Real mascara, which I know I love, and the Watt's Up highlighter. She already owns a full-size of the Watt's Up and she never uses samples, so I stole this. I have been using the Watt's Up every day and I love the glow it gives. 

bareMinerals Renew & Hydrate Eye Cream: I have a very dry eye area and everyone says that we 20-somethings should start using eye cream now, to prevent the crows feet later. I am honestly not all that worried about wrinkles, but I find that my concealer can look a bit dry under my eyes. I figured an eye cream would help. I picked this one up because I didn't want anything anti-aging, I just needed hydrating properties and this one says it right in the name. 

Korre's Lip Butter "Jasmine": As a dry-skinned girl, my lips are constantly chapped. I have been looking for the ultimate lip balm and heard this was super hydrating. And it is! I love this stuff. It adds a subtle pink tint to the lips and is super hydrating. I want all the colours now!

I feel like skin care posts just look so boring. No colours or swatches. But the fun products were the one's that were sold out. I wanted to purchase Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in "Muse", which is the beautiful coral that I am wearing in that picture. It is a matte liquid lipstick, which is basically the way to my heart. I need this for summer. I also really want the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. Apparently this concealer is as magical as a unicorn and erases even the darkest of circles. I need it in my life. If you want to see amazing before and after shots, check out Stephanie Fusco and Glitter Geek. Warning: These posts will make you need this concealer like you've never needed a concealer before. This stuff looks phenomenal.

The two items I didn't end up picking up I will most likely purchase sometime soon, when the Nars concealer becomes available online again. There is something about online shopping I just love. Maybe I just hate the annoying teenage girls running around Sephora. I didn't even know what Sephora was back then. Did we have Sephora 10 years ago? I don't even know.

What did you guys get from the Sephora sale? Recommend some great skin care products for a dry-skinned girl like me. I am looking for a good night time face cream and serum.

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  1. My go-to moisturizer has been Benefit's Total Moisture Face Cream. It's indulgently thick and really sinks into damp skin. I use it morning + night. I've also used Clinique Moisture Surge with success and will probably switch back to that at least for daytime in the summer. The thing that's made the biggest difference for me is spraying my face with a light mist of water before applying moisturizer.