Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bathing Suit Picks 2013

Does anyone else hate bathing suit shopping? I don't know what it us about bathing suits but I feel like I never look good in them. I am completely content with the way I look in lingerie and undergarments, but bikini's are my kryptonite. I know it makes no sense, since they basically showcase the same body parts. But I know this is how many girls feel. I am short, curvy and have a little bit of tummy chub that I would rather not showcase to the world. Now that it is June and the weather is finally warming up I have begun my online hunt for the perfect bathing suit. I have always wanted to buy a one-piece suit but have never found anything in stores that didn't look like it belonged on an old-lady. You know those one-pieces with the skirts? Umm no thanks! Thank god for the internet. These are my top picks for fashionable and flattering one-pieces for beach weather.

1. Peridot Swimsuit ($70.23 at This is a classic retro-style black one-piece. It has a sweetheart neckline, which I am a sucker for, with a halter-style tie that undoes easily for no tan lines.

2. Byzantine Underwire One Piece ($169.25 at Anthropologie): For us small-breasted girls, nothing is better in a bathing suit than underwire. This swimsuit is adorable and I love the slimming pink belt and mixing patterns. Super chic. 

3. Vintage Stripe Marc by Marc Jacobs Swimsuit ($195.66 at Bloomingdales): The pattern on this suit is so flattering for all body types. The way it utilizes stripes is very slimming and I love the colours too!

4. Ruched Crossover Tank ($118 at J Crew): This is another simple yet flattering suit. Ruching on the bust is another great trick for us small-chested ladies. I also love the bright colour. If you're scared of bright colours, this suit also comes in black, gray and navy. And it comes with a removable halter-style strap to avoid a nip-slip and tan lines.

5. Bumblebee Dots ($89.99 at I love ModCloth for retro pieces. If you can't tell by this post, I'm obsessed with retro-style everything and ModCloth is one of the best places for it. If you are curvy, everything will be figure flattering for you. And they also have a great plus-sized section. But seriously, how can you beat yellow with black polka dots? Perfection. 

6. Motel 50's Style Halter Swimsuit ($62.79 at Again, I love the colour of this suit and the way it utilizes colour-blocking to create that slimming silhouette. The details around the bust that looks like a little collar is divine!

Since retro-style suits are very trendy this year, you can also find a suit that covers your tummy chub and shows off your mid-drift at the same time. I hope high-waisted never goes out of style! My body was made for it! These are my top picks for the most adorable, trendy and figure-flattering bikini's on the market today. (Hint: Three of them are from ModCloth!). I also love that all of these bikini tops have underwire in them to make my chest look like I actually have one.

1. Kicking it on the Coast Reversible Bikini ($144.99 for the Top and $89.99 for the Bottoms at This bikini is super expensive and also adorable. Both the top and bottom are reversible. One side has a sailor print on it and the other is blue and white vertical stripes. With mix-and-matching this is basically four bikini's in one!

2. Seasons of the Sun Bikini ($49.99 for the Top and $39.99 for the Bottoms at It's a teeny weeny yellow polka-dot bikini! I love these longer-style tops. Something about them is so trendy and flattering. And these bottoms are super-high-waisted so it only shows a small part of your mid-section.

3.  Dotty Kathy Bikini ($29.95 for Top and Bottoms at Anthropologie): Red with polka-dots is so classic and I love that this suit is a muted coral instead. It adds a unique twist to the suit but still remains very classic. Polka dots are my favourite colour!

4. Block Party Bikini ($40.13 for the Top and the Bottoms at I love the colour-blocking on this bikini and the longer-style top again. These bottoms are more of a regular-rise than being high-waisted. I find that most bikini bottoms are super low-rise and are too prone to a wardrobe malfunction for me. These are more modern but will still cover all that you need covered. 

5. Seafolly Rococo Rose Bikini ($131 on for the Top): I absolutely adore this print and this top in general. The bottoms are a perfect example of the too low-rise style that I wouldn't wear. But I think this top would look adorable with a solid bottom in a light blue, a navy or a coral. 

6. Fave Denim Swimmies Two Piece ($118.99 at This bikini is so adorable. It looks like denim and the buttons are little daisy's. Too cute. I love that stitching details and little white ruffles around the edges. The bottoms are another super high-waist style and they are almost a boyshort which is a cute detail.

Now I just have to figure out how to narrow down these twelve suits to something more like two. As you can tell, I am obsessed with retro styles. I think retro styled bathing suits are perfection and unlike the itsby, bitsy, teeny, weeny bikini's that are all over Victoria Secret these days, these actually suit a real woman's figure. Sorry, but I can't give up french fries, not even for a bikini body. 

How do you guys feel about retro bathing suits? Do you think you could pull one off? And which one should I buy?!

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