Friday, June 14, 2013

Loving Lately: Bite "Tangelo" Lush Lip Tint

I'm not usually the kind of girl that gravitates towards orange lipsticks. Of course, I have upwards of 5 in my collection but I always find that pink looks better on me. I'm cool-toned so it makes sense. But when I see warm-toned girls wearing those striking oranges, I am always super-jealous of how gorgeous they look. I find that oranges are easier for me to wear than corals. I don't know why. Maybe I just haven't found that perfect coral yet. This orange lipstick hasn't left my purse in a month and I am constantly reaching for it. I actually didn't buy this lipstick, or receive it for free. I borrowed it, from my mom, without her knowledge. I found this in her lipstick drawer, smeared it on my lips and fell in love.

I've been hearing a lot of great things about the Bite brand of lipsticks lately. After trying this Bite Lush Lip Tint, in the shade Tangelo, I can totally see why. This lipstick (or lip tint) is meant to be super hydrating. It has a cute and practical b-shaped clear balm running through the center of the bullet. It doesn't affect the application of the colour but it is definitely a super-hydrating formula. It is one of those lip products that you forget you're wearing because it feels like nothing on your lips. I have lips as a dry as the Sahara dessert. Everything is drying on my lips, but not this. I really can't comment on how long this lasts. I'm a compulsive lip balm applier and I constantly have my fingers in my mouth, so lipstick never lasts as long as it should on me. This does fade to a nice stain on the lips.

And can we just look at that colour?! So beautiful! It is definitely the colour of a tangelo (awesome name too! Tangerine is so cliche). It is a juicy, medium-toned, reddish orange colour. It goes on semi-sheer as you can see from the swatch, which I think is why it works so well on me. Oranges and corals are usually too warm toned, but this lets my natural lip colour shine through which makes it more wearable on my skintone. I think this type of sheer lip tint would look so gorgeous in a deeper shade for fall. They have a raspberry, a blackcurrent and even a bright red called cherry that are all calling my name. This lipstick is like a tinted lip balm on crack. That is a good thing by the way. I have never really gotten into the Revlon Lip Butters or the Maybelline Colour Whispers. I own a couple of both but I find the Revlon to be too glossy (I hate lip gloss!) and I just don't find myself reaching for the Maybelline. This is my kind of tinted lip balm. It goes on like a lipstick and is super hydrating.

This is going to be my go-to lipstick throughout the summer months. I had been eyeing the YSL Rouge Vulupte Shine in Corail in Touch for a nice coral colour but I may not need it anymore with this in my life. Unless my mom decides to steal it back and then I will most likely purchase it for myself. It is just so perfect for summer. I want all the colours! 

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