Thursday, April 24, 2014

Internet Finds: Obsessed Canada

My spare time online is generally spent window shopping. Is it still called window shopping when it's online? I guess your internet window counts as window shopping. Through some course of link clicking I found a gem of a website that I have been sharing with all of my friends for the past few days. Everyone has been amazed. If you are Canadian and are sick of ridiculous shipping prices you will love the following makeup/beauty website: Obsessed Canada.
Sometimes I feel like American companies think that Canada is across the world and around the corner. I live basically across the border from the USA and shipping prices are generally doubled, if not more. Luckily, my sister-in-law lives in NY so when I feel like I really need to order something online with ridiculous shipping prices, I ship it to her. I clicked on this website and was stoked when I saw their banner stating that all orders ship free in Canada. This means I could add one four dollar brush to my cart and just ship it to my house. It seems insane that I am so excited about free shipping like this. This is a luxury that we don't get very often in Canada. I have been meticulously adding things to my cart for the past few days.
The best part about this website is that it has a lot of brands that are hard to find in Canada, such as: Real Techniques, Elf, Sigma Brushes, The Balm, Red Cherry Lashes and so many more. The site stocks makeup, eyelashes, skincare, hair care and body care from some great brands. The best part is that most of these brands charge more than $10 to ship to Canada and the pricing is very similar to their retail prices on the brand websites. I checked the company websites and some products vary in price by a couple dollars, but nothing more than that. So I can get Sigma brushes for roughly the same price without the outrageous shipping.

I love websites like this that amalgamate all of my favourite things into one place. I can buy some skincare, some makeup and some brushes from brands that I love or that I am dying to try without having to commit to spending a certain amount on a brands page just to reach the "free shipping" limit. Just so I can find out that the free shipping limit only applies to Americans. Do you feel my online shopper frustration?

I can't wait to place my order on this site. I hope that you are as excited as I am to stumble upon this glorious site and are as excited as I am for free shipping.

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