Sunday, April 27, 2014

Product Rave: Urban Decay Electric Palette [review]

I have been lusting after the Urban Decay Electric palette since Temptalia posted the teaster video online back in February. Bright eyeshadows are my kryponite. I must own them all! This is basically the exact opposite of the Naked palettes. It is full of all gorgeous neon shades you could ever need! The second I got the e-mail from Sephora that they were having a 15% off sale, I knew it was the right time to buy it.
I really love the packaging. It comes in a sturdy plastic package with a magnetic closure and a huge mirror. I think this is my favourite palette packaging from Urban Decay. It is simplistic with a gorgeous image on the front but also very user friendly with no extra bulk (which Urban Decay is a little famous for). It reminds me of the Naked 1 packaging, but without the suede texture. Naked 1 is my favourite of the Naked palettes packaging. I absolutely hate the tin-can, pencil-box feel of the other 2 Naked Palettes. This just feels sleeker.
You get 10 beautiful pressed pigments in this palette for $58 Canadian. This is called a pressed pigment palette and not an eyeshadow palette. I think it is because 4 of the colours in this palette, Slowburn, Savage, Urban and Jilted, are marked as "not intended for immediate eye area." I know that something in neon eyeshadows is not approved for use in the North American market on the eye area. Nonetheless, I have used all of these shades on my eye area and have not had a reaction. I have very sensitive eyes (face makes always make my eyes water), but if you have had previous reactions to pink/red/neon eyeshadows, this might not be the palette for you. Something to consider.
Revolt, Gonzo, Slow Burn, Savage & Fringe
Chaos, Urban, Jilted, Freak & Thrash
The pigmentation of these shadows is to die for. These swatches are all taken without the use of any primer. When applying bright shades like this I always use a white eyeshadow base to make them pop even more. But these shades look pretty phenomenal all on their own. Obviously, this isn't the kind of eyeshadow palette that I will wear on a daily basis, but this baby spoke to me. I have worn it twice since I bought it and have received nothing but compliments. This is a gorgeous palette and a good way to add every bright shade you would possibly need to your collection. If you want to start experimenting with brights, you need this palette. I am in love and am going to continue and try to use this palette every time I can!

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