Thursday, July 3, 2014

Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette [review]

Maybelline is the latest brand to jump on the neutral eyeshadow bandwagon. Ever since Urban Decay launched the Naked palette a few years ago, the high-end beauty market has been flooded with neutral palettes. I love it since I am obsessed with these types of palettes. The first drugstore company to delve into this trend is Maybelline. Maybelline is one of those drugstore brands that has been hitting it out of the park lately and this is no exception. Generally, you do not see larger-sized palettes at the drugstore and I love that Maybelline decided to make their own. I don't think I have seen a palette of this caliber or size at the drugstore, ever.
This palette is called the Maybelline The Nudes palette and I found it at Walmart for $10.98C. It comes with twelve eyeshadows. Generally the palettes have light shades at the beginning, then medium-toned shades and then the darkest. This palette does not follow this form. They are arranged in an awkard way on purpose. They are arranged to make three quads, four trios and six duos. I really like this concept because it makes it very easy for beginners to pick up this palette and know exactly what looks they can make. 

There are four matte shades in the palette and the rest are satin or shimmer finish shades. I am very happy to see matte shades in this palette. The mattes are a little chalky, but they do show up on the skin pretty well. The rest of the shades have great pigmentation and are very similar to the Maybelline eyeshadow formula. They also blend very easily.

The first row seems to be much more cool-toned shades and the bottom row are warm-toned. As with most drugstore palettes, the matte black is not the most pigmented colour. It turns out as more of a blue-grey but it will still work to smoke out your lash line or deepen your crease. All of the other darker shades have amazing pigmentation. I think this palette is great quality and for someone that has been eyeing the Naked palette but does not want to spend the money on it, the price point on this is phenomenal.

You could make so many eyeshadow looks with this palette, whether or not you decide to use the quads, trios and duos listed on the back. It is a pretty well-rounded palette. I think it could use a couple more medium-toned shades and maybe a transition colour. But for the drugstore, this palette is awesome. Definately scoop this up while you can. I am not sure if it is limited edition or not, but this bad boy is going to sell out quick!

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